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Arcade games 2.0

Arcades revisited

With the rise of console games that are played in the comfort of one’s own home, the arcade game sector was severely hit. Yet since a couple of years, arcade games have undergone an unprecedented revival. Classic arcade games such as Pacman are released in the form of an app. Similarly, old arcades are brought back to life by giving them a new, unique twist.

Luna park horeca concept

At the Ton Ton Club in Amsterdam, one can find many of these examples. Yet this club is by no means your ordinary luna park. In a digitalized and modernized context, the Ton Ton Club is an indisputable connoisseur when it comes to entertainment. In addition, it serves as a research lab and an informal meeting place for designers, consumers as well as other enthusiasts. They also customize old arcades.

Marketing fun

For Jägermeister Sam Van Doorn converted a ‘Whack a Mole’ into ‘Whack a Shot’. Jägermeister shots pop up and you have to whack them down as fast as possible. As you do so the meter in front of you will drop in temperature. The more jagermeisters you hit the further the temperature drops as you try to reach the ideal serving temperature for a shot, -18c.

From whack-a-mole to whack-a-shot for @JagermeisterUSA

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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What this trend is about...

The ideology of laughter, fun and play

Young people are all about enjoying life. Facilitated and stimulated by the Internet, they consciously take time off to have a good time. Although they are ambitious and feel that the pressure is on, they are also very aware that the pursuit to success shouldn’t come at any price, particularly since they’ve witnessed –often at first hand- the toll it has taken on their parents as well as other generations before them. For many young people today, having fun outweighs the desire to win. Specifically on the web, humour is all-pervasive. While the masters in self-mockery are considered the new heroes, joy is increasing in power. Humour and play are gaining more ground and form a fertile outlet for self-expression, and a key ingredient for communication.

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