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Branding fun

LOL style

Lolology has its own graphical style, inspired by low-budget game graphics and all kinds of mini-Tumblr sub-cultures. When in June of 2015 MTV went public with their new rebranding strategy, Forbes classified it as ‘messy, distracting, and possibly perfect for post-millennials’. Ditching their clean lining and fixed fonts, the media network transformed their visual style into a nervous explosion of colours, poorly designed 3D figures and clamorous typos. The new style fits in perfectly with all the self-created banter and pranks that are posted online everyday.


After the release of our European Youth Trend Report 2013 the applied arts sector has seen an upsurge in humoristic, multi-coloured, bold styles. But it’s not just youth brands such as MTV that are adamant in pushing boundaries. When Telenet decided to rebrand their business, their smiley logo literally got a bigger, bolder laugh. By the same token, Google’s new logo is full of playful elements and the branding of the British Channel 4 underwent an evolution in terms of colour, dynamics and jocosity. The rebranding of electronics company Sonos, but also airline holding company Southwest Airlines actualizes what this type of branding is designed for: making a brand warmer, more relatable and human.

Co-created beauty

Will all this jollity stand the test of time? Or does it mean that we will have to start all over again in 6 months time? This too is something that MTV has thought through thoroughly. In addition to MTV’s new graphic style, the channel also changed the way they approach their audience from ‘I Want My MTV’ into I Am My MTV’. And with MTV Bump they’ve now also launched a platform through which youngsters can make their own visual art with images, music, backdrops and more, a bit like social media platform NewHive. By encouraging their audience to participate in their brand, they hope to rekindle and invigorate the connection with their patronage, by keeping them up to date on new talent and the latest news in the field of visual identity. As such, it’s a form of rebranding with a built in ‘feedback system’, that allows constant refreshing.

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Feel the joy of creating crazy graphics and learn more about bold branding

Note for the skeptic

Don’t believe that your company is cut out for humour? Then watch how accounting firm WithumSmith+Brown successfully rebranded its business.


Humour is a personal, human product. A brand or company that puts a smile on one’s face is considered more human and thus tends to trigger positive connotations.

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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What this trend is about...

The ideology of laughter, fun and play

Young people are all about enjoying life. Facilitated and stimulated by the Internet, they consciously take time off to have a good time. Although they are ambitious and feel that the pressure is on, they are also very aware that the pursuit to success shouldn’t come at any price, particularly since they’ve witnessed –often at first hand- the toll it has taken on their parents as well as other generations before them. For many young people today, having fun outweighs the desire to win. Specifically on the web, humour is all-pervasive. While the masters in self-mockery are considered the new heroes, joy is increasing in power. Humour and play are gaining more ground and form a fertile outlet for self-expression, and a key ingredient for communication.

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