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Internet of fun

The desire to divert should not be underestimated. Nor should the possibilities to cultivate play and humour. The Internet evolved from a network of information to facilitate in research and all kinds of daily, mundane tasks, to a tool to communicate with and build communities. As it became easier to independently build and distribute tools, in and outside social networks, humour gradually gained ground on the World Wide Web. Today, countless of websites are solely devoted to humour, and an enormous amount of traffic of comical messages are spread around the globe.

Ever present play

For youngsters the web is the place where they can express themselves and have a good time, with or without friends. Similarly, the possibilities of play have extended. Since the millennium, youngsters have begun to play multi-player online role playing games, with people from all corners of the world. But it’s not just young people that are invested with this means of pastime. Adults are just as much intrigued by the passage of play: from flying kite with drones to completing Panini World Cup sticker books or colouring in colour books. With or without a digital device, play has become paramount. And the youngest among us now receive education -bolstered by the Internet- in coding and other digital virtues, alongside mathematics and writing.

The internet = a world wide playground

✍What should you do!

With regards to executing qualitative research, user-generated content offers a world of information centred on consumer values and norms. On a similar note, humorous content also provides a plethora of valuable data.

Note for the future

Humour will gain ground in terms of product & service design as well as in communication. At the moment a great deal of corporate communication is conducted with considerable gravitas. In five years’ time, it will most likely be a lot more relaxed and humorous. We will see more small twists in terms of packaging, footnotes and help desk chats.

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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What this trend is about...

The ideology of laughter, fun and play

Young people are all about enjoying life. Facilitated and stimulated by the Internet, they consciously take time off to have a good time. Although they are ambitious and feel that the pressure is on, they are also very aware that the pursuit to success shouldn’t come at any price, particularly since they’ve witnessed –often at first hand- the toll it has taken on their parents as well as other generations before them. For many young people today, having fun outweighs the desire to win. Specifically on the web, humour is all-pervasive. While the masters in self-mockery are considered the new heroes, joy is increasing in power. Humour and play are gaining more ground and form a fertile outlet for self-expression, and a key ingredient for communication.

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