Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

E-sports arena

Gaming for an audience

The social aspect of gaming is gaining importance. Every console now has options to stream your own game play live to friends or to your social media page. Live streaming and simultaneously commenting on the match have become immensely popular thanks to PewDiePie. Up to this day, this Swedish commenter still ranks as the number one YouTube star with the highest number of followers, whilst making millions a year. But also the lionization of Twitch.tv, a live streaming video platform, is pretty astonishing to say the least. In 2015, Twitch announced it had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month. It appears Amazon knew what it was doing when purchasing the platform for $970 million in 2014…

Mass E-sports events

Watching games online has become a new genre of entertainment that in for instance in South Korea has taken on absurd forms. E-sports tournaments are insanely celebrated here. The competitions are organised in emulation of poker matches and the like. Teams with professional gamers compete with one another in an online battle arena or in a first-person shooter context. A live and online audience encourages their team of choice, whereby the winning team can earn millions of dollars. The prize money of the most recent International Dota 2 Championships counted over €16.000.000.

I guess I’m in the wrong business. Prize money in e-sports counts over €16.000.000,- these days

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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What this trend is about...

The ideology of laughter, fun and play

Young people are all about enjoying life. Facilitated and stimulated by the Internet, they consciously take time off to have a good time. Although they are ambitious and feel that the pressure is on, they are also very aware that the pursuit to success shouldn’t come at any price, particularly since they’ve witnessed –often at first hand- the toll it has taken on their parents as well as other generations before them. For many young people today, having fun outweighs the desire to win. Specifically on the web, humour is all-pervasive. While the masters in self-mockery are considered the new heroes, joy is increasing in power. Humour and play are gaining more ground and form a fertile outlet for self-expression, and a key ingredient for communication.

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