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Playing the audience to challenge the status quo: interview with Yve Blake

Yve Blake

Comedy Performer
From Sydney, living in London/Sydney/somewhere else in the world

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What is humour? Why do you use it? What does it do with your audience? How can you be funny in an engaging way? How do you sell humour with humour? We just asked it to a humour super star…

the theatre momentum

Humour is a way to get a message across. “As long as you are funny, people keep listening”. Wise words from a lady that knows how to move audiences. When she was 18, Yve Blake started with a one-woman show. “It was a cheap, quick and direct way to start working and experimenting with theatre.” She secretly registered for a theatre festival, with some MS Paint artwork and a different name, got picked up by producers, and is ever since touring and initiating one crazy project after another.

Yve appreciates online humour, and also has a bunch of music videos online. “But theatre allows you to create an entire world and momentum you can step in to. I love the liveness of being in the same room as the audience. Not to have them staring at me from the dark, but to actively involve them in the show. In the middle of the performance, for example, I pick two people out of the audience and ask them to act like an owl. People laugh and support the people on stage because they feel sorry for them. My motivation is to get everyone relaxed and have a good time. ”

breaking taboos

Also her inspiration she gets from the public. “For one project I created a website and asked strangers to submit stories they had never told anyone. Then I turned it into songs and music videos. Theatre is an ideal medium to challenge people’s ideas about things and to pay attention to things we usually brush under the carpet. As a performer you can provoke feelings in a unique way.”

Bread and circuses

The things she doesn’t like about theatre, Yve simply turns upside down. The fact that it is expensive, that the audience has to be quiet and passive, that you can’t eat during a show, that communication is highly sophisticated, fancy and boring. That’s why she now does homeshows, which she markets with gifs and a website looking like a Buzzfeed article. She convinces potential public with great dip offerings, coming with the show. “People like food and gigs, so I developed a concept around it.”


For more on Yve and her passion for weirdness, we’ll update you in our next report. On taboos, breaking the rules and the musical on the scariest creatures on earth: 13-year old Justin Bieber fans.

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Insights in youth Offered by trendwolves A glimpse into the future

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